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. tucker is out with the rest of the crew in leonardtown in maryland if our hometown fridays but gwen is here. how sweet it was to look outside and see the raindrops on the windshield. >> we say we don't want rain. we want nice weather. but we need the rain desperately right now. let's begin with a look at our maps. you can see there is some precipitation well off to the east offshore and also off to our west. we have a little circulation going on there. for today, we are talking mostly sunny skies. there is a slight chance this afternoon especially to our west that we could see a thunderstorm or two pop up. it is a 20% chance right now. if it happens, it will be later this afternoon. other than that, we to have mostly sunny skies across the area. here is a look at your current temperatures right now. 77degrees at national airport. we've got 75 at baltimore and 75 at tull less. even early this morning, we are starting to get that warm, humid air in place. 77degrees at fredericksburg. as we move into the course of the day, it will pretty much stay that way. we have a code orange air qu
afternoon here at the latest as they are already into western maryland. you can see the line of showers and thunderstorms starting to develop along and in front of the cold front which will bring in cooler and drier air as we get into tonight and particularly tomorrow. it will start to feel a lot better around here. let's switch gears. can you see everything on the move here an again, the possibility is out there some of these storms could be on the strong side with very gusty winds later this afternoon. so we'll have to watch this line very carefully as it approaches the washington area later this morning. up ahead of it, it is warm, muggy, high temperatures yesterday were in the low 90s and look at that. wave only backed off the low 80s here in town. 81-degree at 4:25 in the morning. humidity, 74%. pressure down a little bit, your forecast for today calling for more 90s, low to mid-90s and it will get stormy around here with the showers and thunderstorms approaching touring the early afternoon, i think, from west to east. >> it might impact the rush hour this afternoon? >> certainly a
are still looking for her killer. family and friends remembered her at a service last night. >>> a maryland soldier officially faces charges connected to leaking of this video in iraq t shows an apache helicopter againing down unarmed men. army specialist bradley manning is facing multiple accounts of putting national security at risk. >>> british petroleum is looking to break down the barrels of oil pouring into the gulf with bacteria. the latest attempt is an oil- eating microbe produced by a florida biotech firm. we have a report. >> they eat it as a food source. they degrade it. they take it apart molecule by molecule. >> start off with a very small concentration. >> this is one of several companies pitching a type of oil-eating back tear what to help clean up the gulf. their product is made from naturally occurring microbes that break town oil that are then concentrated, fermented and strayed on the oil, a process called bioremediation. it is commonly used to clean up toxic industrial accidents, jet fuel spills and brown fields. oil-eating bacteria was used to help clean up the alaska
, montgomery county, maryland, most of virginia too. heat advisory from 11:00 until 9:00 that's when the worst of the heat will arrive. coming in the form of hot temperatures and humidity. heat index pushing 100 today. 78 at reagan national. 74 dalles. lots of humidity as well. dew point temperatures on the rise. satellite radar quiet conditions, maybe an isolated thunderstorm late today or tonight but i got to the be honest, chances are close to none. can't rule out the possibility of one out there. highs later today enjoy 96 washington. 97 baltimore. fredericksburg our friends, we will enjoy temperatures in the 90s. 97 there as well. >>> laurathings looking good right now, nothing to repart in the way of accidents. construction wrapping up around town. 270 as you make the trip southbound from falls road looking very nice all the way down towards the split. northbound 270, reports of construction, not seeing it here in camera angle. 95 maryland as you make the trip north and southbound between the beltway dealing with road work there. virginia traveling northbound 395 across the 14th street b
. ron walters at the ufort of the maryland calls this whole thing a right wing conspiracy and an attempt to bring down the president on the race issue. >> the white house doesn't seem to have the muscles to deal with the issue of race. >> reporter: laura evans, fox 5 news. >>> sherrod by the way hasn't said whether she will take the job at the department of agriculture. >>> a live look this morning at the washington monument. good morning, everybody. thank you for getting up early with us. i'm gurvir dhindsa along with my pal, tucker barnes. >> hi, gurvir. >> hello, tuck. >> how are you this morning? >> you know, i'm pretty good. he is spblly since you are promising we may get a bit of a break from the humidity we've been dealing with -- especially since you are promising we may get a bit of a break from the humidity we've been feeling with. >> i want to show you the showers that have developed out tords winchester. there it s and there it goes. there it goes. falling apart right there. >> like the maytag repairman, all by itself. >> we'll take a look at the quiet conditions. our wind ha
to you. >> major health concerns this morning for people living near a military base in maryland. coming up, next. >> my brother, my mother, my sister and my father all live within a 10-mile radius of the fort and they all contracted a form of cancer. >> but is there a real connection? we'll take a look. >>> the tiny hazard in your home that could talk a danger. that's still ahead. time is 4:37. we are coming back. after the break.  >>> making headlines at 4:39 this morning. new concerns that a local military base could be linked to a string of cancer cases. dozens of people showed up to a town hall meeting in frederick, maryland, saying that cancers in their families could be related to fort dietrich. a young mother who died from an aggressive form of brain cancer two years ago, now, her mother is battling kidney cancer. >> in my heart, i know this wasn't something some curse over my family. i know it was something in our water, air, soil, anything. >> nobody from fort dietrich was at that meter. saturday, a website was launched, saying. >>> it could be days before we fin
virginia n maryland, bge has just under 40,000 residents in the dark. much of that has been restored since yesterday afternoon. >>> the wind uprooted and downed many trees leading to at least two deaths. a woman was killed and her mother injured when a huge tree came crashing down on their minivan near rhode island avenue and odessa road. a falling tree limb also killed a 6-year-old boy walking with his family in sterling. >>> power outages are causing problems for wssc customers this morning. crews are working to restore power to its river road plant. mandatory water restrictions are in place. customers are being asked to top all outside water use and only run your washing machine and dishwasher when it is full. >>> we have new video in overnight of damage to an apartment complex in college park. half of the roof was ripped off. at least seven of the apartments on cherry hill road. six buildings have roof damage there. the roof damage is also affecting the impe ri. on village complex in greenville -- the imperion village complex in greenville. >>> bp says no decision has been made about t
see the satellite-radar showing just awe few high clouds there streaming across northern maryland at this hour. no rain, no thunderstorm activity in today's forecast. here is your planner for today. 90 in washington. 88 in leonardtown. 89 in the shan stilly. fredericksburg, 91-degree. still, not bad when you remember we were near 100 a couple of days ago. >> i would like to forget. thank you. >>> julie wright is back from her vacation to keep an eye on the roads for us today and first of all, welcome back. >> thank you. >> secondly, still lots of issues with traffic lights that are not working. >> you know, you walk into the dark when you get home and you are not sure what to expect. that is what we're dealing with again today and for a lot of folks waking up in the dark with no ac. not a fun way to start your day. we have a number of traffic lights that are dark right now. you will find a number of the signals that remain dark. if you come up to a traffic light where the signal is not working, you want to treat it as a four-way stop. lane are the capital beltway but you are in th
poolesville, maryland from #:00 to 10:00 as parted of our hometown friday series. gurvir, steve, allison, tony and tucker, the whole gang will all be out there so if you are in that area, can you head to wayland commons and meet the crew out there. it will be a hot one though. so keep in mind, stay cool if you can. here you go. cool way to beat the heat in japan at least. temperatures soared to 100 degrees in tokyo. a group built a bowling lane being piends an bowling balls all from ice. the group is trying to boost an interest in the sports so she set up this ice cold alley right in the middle of the business district. why doesn't somebody build one of those in dupont. >> that is a real innovative suggestion. >> it would melt pretty quickly here though today. >> i think so t was hot yesterday but it will be even warmer today. as the weekend progresses, we'll see it get even worse. i am just giving you fair warning on that. as we start off, temperature- wise, yesterday, we were into the 90s. we were above seasonal. that will continue as well so be prepared. 96degrees at national airport. 95 at
a unmarked car. it hap happened on yesterday. the victim also stole hand tough and bans. >>> maryland candidate, has announced this running mate on facebook. this choice, mary cane. cane was his secretary of state from august 2005 until he left office. >>> the public can begin paying respects to the late robert byrd today. his body will lie in the u.s. senate chambers before a memorial service tomorrow. >>> there is fall out on the mess on the commuter rail. first a breakdown and then a misstop. now, the state and amtrak are vowing to make things right. >> reporter: it is not every day the people who ride the train get to talk to the people who run the train system. they spent the afternoon listening to conserved passengers. >> failure and continual delays and continual problems. >> reporter: this comes in a troubling period for trains. >> i just had sun light pouring in. it was getting more and more about fumertable. >> reporter: and then just yesterday, another train hit missed a sentualed stop. they are saying that among all of the breakdowns, misstops and other problems, communica
ehrlich for the republican nomination to be maryland governor is announcing his running mate today. brian murphy is set to make that choice this morning. he says the person is a former government inspector and a former u.s. marine. that announcement will be made at murphy's headquarters in crofton, maryland. >>> campaign signs are popping up in yards but some home owners claim they never asked to show their support. karen gray houston has this story. >> reporter: the signs are popping up everywhere, peppering landscape in adrian fenty's homeward, ward four. by the time you bother to shut a sign in your yard, you have strong feelings about the candidates. this household with the sign for gray and fenty makes a powerful statement. military road. neighbors say the signs and the couple would live here coexist peacefully. along the georgia avenue corridor, michael lloyd told us why he put a vincent gray sign in his front yard on seventh street. >> this time, i'm going for gray because the needs change. >> reporter: he made a donation to the gray camp. they sent him a sign. around the corner, s
in maryland as you head on 95. beltway looks good as well. traveling on the outer loop from college park past new hampshire avenue, you can see all of your lanes looking great. traveling in virginia, if you are head up northbound 395, there is a new traffic pattern for the 14th street bridge today. here, we've got the cent lane closed here. you'll be getting by two lanes to the left, one to the right. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. >>> we want to get more on the developing story we are following out of india. more than 50 people are dead after two packed trains crashed in eastern india overnight. the trains were at a station in west bengal state about 125 miles north of calcutta. a high-speed train rammed into a slower-moving train. volunteers are using blowtorchs and heavy equipment to try to get to survivors. we don't have any word yet on what caused this crash. >>> it has been four days since british petroleum caped a leaking oil well in the gulf of mexico. this morning, there are more concerns that oil may be continuing to spew into the gulf. stacy cohan has t
companies in d.c., maryland and virginia asking people to condition serve their energy. the non-stop ac and fans are raising concerns about power outages. fox 5's tom fitzgerald takes a closer look. >> reporter: here inside the power grid control room, the larges are nonstop. >> that is another large. >> reporter: priscilla knight has been pleading with customers to cut back on electricity. >> we are asking for everyone to cooperate. >> reporter: cooperation that will be key in avoiding power outages. engineers like larry shaver are fighting hard to avoid. >> our demand is higher than what we've seen probably ever. >> reporter: larry's control screens are now show something areas of the power grid entering emergency or high level ranges. >> it puts us on alert to try to keep an eye on those kinds of stations that are running up in that alarm region. >> reporter: but customers are not powerless in helping prevent outages, limiting air conditioning is one way. >> if they will turn it up to 78 or even warmer that, will help a lot. >> reporter: even replacing inefficient traditional light b
in maryland, traveling on the inner loop at colesville road, everything looks pretty good here on the through lanes but the ramp from colesville road on to the inner loop, we've got trees down. you want to be very careful approaching the beltway there from colesville. in prince george's county, we have a water main break reported, fort washington road at living ton road, you will find it blocked in all directions. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. >>> our big story, extreme turbulence on board a flight out of dulles airport landed several passengers in the hospital, a few with serious injuries. the united airlines flight was head from dulles to los angeles. it had to be diverted to denver, colorado after the plain experienced some rough turbulence over kansas city. passengers say the plane suddenly took a dramatic dip. the pilot asked to be diverted to denver for the safety of the people on board. most of the injuries included bruises, whiplash, strains and sprains. >> all of a sudden, the plane dropped probably 20, 30 feet. i saw at least two people hit
with an extensive criminal history. he has a college degree from the university of maryland college and neighbors say he comes from a good family. authorities say his work behind the scenes at ups was a key part of their investigation. he was indicted in the murder of dolores dewitt and her daughter ebony dewitt. >> this individual is a very bad person and i will tell that you. i mentioned that last week. we think we have just begun a long journey that will take us beyond the borders of prince george's county. >> investigators believe scott may also be responsible for the murders of karen and carissa lofton. the loftons were found shot to death inside their home about a mile away. >>> checking more headlines this morning, another oil spill minister gulf. the latest on efforts to contain this spill and a milestone in the massive bp spill. >>> nationals fans are holding their breath this morning. we'll get the latest on stephen strasburg's injury coming up a little bit later in our sports breakfast. stay with us. you are watching fox 5 morning news.  [ poof! ] who are you?
in maryland and virginia. malvo tells actor william shatner that the infamous pair were supposed to be a posse. >> there were supposed to be three to four snipers with silenced rifles and in this way, you could do a lot more damage. >> i don't think he had any accomplices other than john muhammed. there were two of them. >> reporter: john muhammed is now dead, executed by the commonwealth of virginia. paul ebert presented the case that sent him to death row. as for malvo. >> he is rotten to the core. i think he enjoys somewhat the publicity and being in the limelight. >> reporter: in the show, psychiatrist neil bloomberg claims malvo confessed to at least 4 # killings in their sessions. >> for example, florida, texas, washington state, alabama. >> anybody that had an unsolved murder, they looked at these two and i would be extremely surprised if there were 40 people that met their tea mise that we didn't know about. gentleman we want to think of the young guys as a monolith. they aren't. some of them are like malvo would are basically hard people who are willing to kill and he did. >> reporter
. >>> a teen from maryland is among those injured during two bombings. she has been flown to a trauma center. emily curtsater went to uganda with her grand mother to do missionary work. it had just ended. he they were wounded in a terror attack as they sat in a restaurant watching the world cup. >> they got there early to have a good seat and they were all just together eating and the blast went off. mayhem from there. >> thankful to be alive. >> she was hit with shrapnel. the group survived but 74 people were killed, including one american. most of those happened at a club. a militant group is claiming responsibility. >>> police in prince george's county ended a standoff with a expected bank robber and this morning they are trying to figure out the relationship between him and a woman that he walked into the bank with. the woman said he forced her to make a withdrawal. she tipped off tellers who sounded the alarm. police later found him hiding under a empty bus. therere were some tense moments. the sight of smoke filling the station and firefighters rushing inside to send passengers into a
in the western maryland, that's still got to get through here. we're going to have some clouds in the first part of the day. but out to the west here, out into the ohio valley we get some clear skies and you know what, we'll probably get some sunshine in here late in the day with highs back in the upper 80s. it won't be a terrible day. warm to start your day, 75 at reagan national. 72 in quantic. leonard town 73. anap police 74. you nudity levels will be down right -- humidity levels will be down right unpleasant here. 88 for your afternoon high. we'll dry it out a bit. 93 won't feel too bad. 93 on friday. maybe some thunderstorms on saturday then we're going to clear it out again for sunday. highs after today will once again be in the 90s. let's get the on time traffic and julie wright. >> you're talking about standing water, we've got trees down. we also have some standing water issues along near dell wood. the big story, the inner loop traveling between brad dock road and 236 where the left lane is impassable at this point . that right hand exit to go northbound that will take you back up, th
by a coworker in an accident. this happened unpray pa avenue at the beltway. maryland state police say a dump truck driver was standing on his truck reaching into the cab getting something, when another truck had the trucks pinned. authorities are investigating this accident. police are investigating the second deadly shooting this month near a playground. last night a man was shot in the killed and killed. that's a block away from 19- year-old hohcus was murdered two weeks ago. a man has been charged with first-degree murder near that case. >>> bp has stopped the oil from gushing into the oil of mexico. there's no word on how this will be affect the timing. oil has now hit louisiana's largest sea bird nesting area. we have a fox 5 follow up to that. it's the dupont medical -- smoke sending writers racing back up that weren't the movers. it took take a while until all the escalators are back on track. >> officials are examining what went wrong with the evacuation at dupont circle monday when service platform passengers pushed passed affordable says sorry gate like this one to the obama of und
in the early administration. >> we need to focus on debate and talks on how to bring maryland and economy back. that's the first and foremost thing. >> why they could bring republican female votes or family business connections are also bringing question. husband john cane's moving company was sued for under paid workers in violation for federal contract rules claiming it was in compliance. >> not really clerical issue. it's the federal review issue. it has nothing to do with the candidate, nothing do with the involvement. >> nobody wants to hear this. as you see from the polls. they want to see what do you want to do to create job. >> when asked about all of this today democratic ethics are an important issue. one voter looked very closer as when they head to the poll. >> if miss cane was on the board of directors, when their allegations are made to the government. if voters are asking about that, then the questions are for the answers. >> no one is perfect. including me. i'm reminded of that every day. if you're looking for someone that -- >> the person who helps lose current title. >>> our
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